Professor Jim Murdoch LLM, MA


Jim Murdoch is Professor of Public Law at the School of Law, University of Glasgow. He read Law as an undergraduate at Glasgow and has an LLM from the University of California at Berkeley. He joined the Glasgow School of Law in 1979 after qualifying as a solicitor. He was Head of the School of Law between 1996 and 2000. He has taught at the Universities of Mainz and Hamburg and was a professeur stagiaire with the Directorate of Human Rights of the Council of Europe in France.

Jim Murdoch’s research interests are British public law (in particular Scottish constitutional law, and the incorporation of human rights guarantees into domestic law) and domestic and European human rights law (in particular, European human rights machinery, including the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, and non-judicial mechanisms for human rights protection).

Jim Murdoch is the author of the Reissue Human Rights title for the Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia. He is also a co-author of the Reissue Firearms and Explosives title and the Reissue Constitutional Law title for the Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia.