Mr Andrew Morgan


Andrew Morgan is a partner in the asbestos and personal injury departments at Fieldfisher. With more than 20 years experience, Andrewâ??s claims cover many areas, including:

â?¢Mesothelioma claims â?¢Catastrophic work accident injury claims â?¢Overseas claims

The leading legal directory, the Legal 500, says that Andrew is â??clever, hardworking and respected by opponentsâ??.

Recently, Andrew recovered a substantial amount for Caroline Wilcock in a groundbreaking case against Cape Asbestos. The case settled less than a week before trial. Andrew extended the Court of Appeal authority of Chandler v Cape PLC to argue that Cape owed a duty of care to the neighbours of its subsidiary company, Universal Asbestos Manufacturing (UAM), that operated the factory. This breakthrough analysis meant that Caroline was the first to recover compensation in a claim against UAM for the exposure it caused to people living near the factory, in Bowburn, County Durham. UAM is now known as Plumefern PLC.

Andrew successfully concluded another substantial claim against a teaching hospital brought following exposure to asbestos as a student or newly qualified doctor or dentist. This claim settled less than one month before trial. Such claims involve brief and light exposure to asbestos many years ago, either in tunnels or basements or when working with dental materials that contained asbestos. They tend to be high value claims because of the high income of medical and dental professionals.

Andrew acted for a man who was exposed to asbestos when working for Cork Insulations in 1945, just at the end of the War. From our database, Andrew was able to identify the company insurers and settled the claim within 7 weeks of seeing the client.

Andrew has had three notable recent lung cancer successes, obtaining compensation for Mr Kent who never worked with asbestos but who was exposed by others who were working with asbestos nearby; for the widow of a man who worked with twenty different lagging firms only half of whom were insured; and for the widow of a man who worked for British Belting Asbestos (BBA).

In current cases, Andrew has obtained admissions or judgment for a number of clients, including the family of a gentleman who was exposed to asbestos when working for Courage Limited (the brewers) in the 1950s - the client was able to prove his employment by producing a "loving cup" given by Courage to all its employees to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth; a woman who developed mesothelioma after washing her husband's overalls; a former apprentice at J Jeffreys and Co of Waterloo, London, a small lagging and insulating firm whose insurers could not be traced; two scaffolders, working for different companies in the 1970s - their scaffolding boards were contaminated with asbestos when they were used by others to gain access to plant and pipework to remove old asbestos lagging.

Andrew has substantial experience in international disease and accident claims. He is presently acting for a number of overseas clients and has previously recovered almost £750,000 for a UK Citizen, resident and working in Florida, who developed mesothelioma following asbestos exposure as an apprentice in Yorkshire; compensation in England for a Canadian widow, 60 years after her Husband's exposure in Scotland; and a substantial settlement for Michael Langton who was very seriously injured in a work accident at the south Pole.

In other recent cases Andrew recovered: â?¢£155,000 for a client exposed to asbestos making fume cupboards at Berger Paints; â?¢£172,000 for a client who removed asbestos fireplace linings at Hays Wharf in the 1960s; â?¢£350,000 for a former client who previously settled his case for provisional damages but who sadly later developed mesothelioma â?¢£125,000 for the widow of a man who worked for a small building company in Hastings; â?¢£128,000 for Frederick Hickman, a lagger from Welling, Kent â?¢£150,000 for a steel worker from Cwmbran in Gwent â?¢£197,000 for the widow of a man who worked as a handyman at Gloy Adhesives â?¢£200,000 for the widow of a man who worked for British Rail; â?¢£305,000 for a man who worked for a short period using asbestos in the manufacture of industrial ovens. â?¢£400,000 for a William Searle, a Plymouth engineer in his late 60s, allowing him to invest in his business for his wife's benefit â?¢£260,000 for George Barwick, an Essex electrician, allowing him to purchase accommodation more suitable to his medical condition â?¢£170,000 for the family of a Cardiff man whose employer has long since vanished â?¢£160,000 for the partner of a man who for a short while worked in ship repairing â?¢£90,000 for Malcolm Johnson who was exposed for about 2 weeks when laggers insulated his workplace with sprayed asbestos in the early 1960s â?¢£50,000 recovered for lacerated fingers in work accident â?¢£4350 recovered for misuse of defective ladder

Andrew produces the Law Society Gazette's annual Personal Injury Interest Tables and Butterworths' Personal Injury Damages Statistics (annual and online). His articles and comment pieces have appeared in various journals and magazines including New Law Journal, Solicitors Journal, Law Society Gazette, The Post and others.

Andrew also regularly contributes to two chapters (â??Defendantsâ? and â??Insurersâ?) in the APIL/Jordans Looseleaf â??Personal Injury Law Practice and Precedentsâ?, and has spoken many times at conferences and seminars organised by the Association Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), C5, Jordans and others. He is a regular speaker at the Butterworths International Asbestos Litigation Conferences. He speaks and writes regularly on asbestos and insurance issues.


Fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) where he has been the Coordinator (and previously the Secretary) of the Occupational Healt