Kevin Mohr


Kevin is a partner at King & Spalding in Houston. He represents clients in business litigation and arbitration, specializing in the complex cross-border disputes that are becoming increasingly common in todayâ??s global economy.  

For over 15 years, Kevin has represented clients in litigation, arbitration, and appellate proceedings in more than 40 state and federal jurisdictions in the U.S. and courts and arbitral tribunals around the world. Those disputes have arisen from six continents, and have involved a diverse array of business sectors (including oil and gas, professional services, and finance).  The issues in those disputes have been just as diverse, involving questions of investment treaty protection, business tort, intellectual property, corporate governance, class certification, and many more. Some highlights of his career include obtaining the largest-ever arbitration award under the Energy Charter Treaty on behalf of a European independent oil and gas company, and obtaining two ground-breaking decisions from U.S. appellate courts in the area of class certification.

Drawing on his extensive background in both U.S. litigation and international arbitration, Kevin specializes in cross-border disputes that require a broad understanding of both national and international legal systems. He has extensive experience in court proceedings related to international arbitration (including actions to stay and compel arbitration, actions for discovery in support of arbitration, and actions to enforce arbitral awards), as well as in business disputes that span multiple countries and raise questions of dueling jurisdiction and applicable law. Kevin recognizes that international disputes present unique legal, logistical, and cultural challenges, and he enjoys working with his clientâ??s legal and business teams to develop a comprehensive global strategy for complex international disputes.