Eric Fripp




Eric is a specialist adviser and advocate in public law and human rights cases including a substantial core of asylum, immigration, and nationality work.

Eric has built a substantial practice focusing on the international and domestic law concerned with refugees, nationality, and statelessness, United Kingdom immigration law, domestic human rights law as applicable to immigration and/or refugee cases, and administrative law/judicial review, with his experience extending to an increasing proportion of complex and/or politically sensitive cases in all of those areas.

In recent years he has also attracted broader public law and human rights work on behalf of interveners in important non-immigration related cases concerning private and family life under article 8 ECHR, the right to marry under article 12 ECHR, and freedom of thought, conscience and religion under article 9 ECHR. He is noted for his thoroughness and skill as an advocate in the higher courts and for the breadth of his complementary supporting interests in relevant areas of public international law, legal and political philosophy, and history.

Areas of Practice



University of London (London School of Economics)
University of London (King’s College London)
University of St. Andrews
University of London


Associate Member of the European Network on Statelessness
Royal Institute of International Affairs
Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association
Human Rights Lawyers Association
UK Constitutional Law Association
Constitutional and Administrative Bar Association
British Institute of International and Comparative Law


LLM (Jurisprudence)
MA (Medical Law and Ethics)
LLM (Human Rights/Public International Law)
MA (History)