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Part 1 The Bank of England


Financial arrangements

Prudential regulation

Consequential and Transitional Provision

Part 2 Financial Services

The regulators

Conduct of persons working in financial services sector

Enforceability of agreements

Illegal money lending

Money laundering

Transformer vehicles


Information about resolution planning

Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 consequential amendments

Part 3 Miscellaneous and General

Banknotes in Scotland and Northern Ireland


  • SCHEDULE 1 Prudential Regulation Committee

SCHEDULE 2 Amendments Relating to Part 1

  • Part 1 Bank of England Act 1998
  • Part 2 Other Acts
  • SCHEDULE 3 Saving and Transitional Provision Relating to Part 1
  • SCHEDULE 4 Extension of Relevant Authorised Persons Regime to all Authorised Persons